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21st Century Business Information

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In business, information is crucial, and it has been said that numbers are the language of business. After all, if you don't know what's happening in your finances, you've got a problem ...

Any future looking business needs 21st century business information!

Any future looking business needs 21st century business information!

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What's more, the longer that goes on, the bigger the problem gets. So what happens if you aren't good with numbers? Well, business information (or management information or reporting, call it what you will), comes in all shapes and sizes for the different needs of different businesses.

"So what information does your business need?"

While every business needs different things measured and reported on, because every business has a different need or goal and, as you would expect, we are pretty good at providing great information to help you to understand your business - After all, accountants are numbers experts!

But one thing that all information needs to be is understandable and another thing is relevant. Choosing relevant things to measure and report on is all part of our service; it's about looking for the key points that will help you to really understand your business.

This means that the first task is to identify what is important to your business. What is measured will be different for a business that is concentrating on sales growth to one that is focused on cost reduction, for example.

If you have a sales growth target, then one set of important measures is your progress in attaining that growth. For example, measuring the number of customers and the growth in that number, the average spend and the number of times customers are repeat customers.

But also, we would look at measuring the pre-sales activity, your marketing activity. For example, we might measure the number of hits on your website, Facebook likes or impressions or the number of newsletters that you send out.

"Your reporting also needs to be clear and understandable!"

Pages and pages of numbers aren't the way to go. If a picture tells a thousand words, then graphs and charts are a great way of showing comparative information in a way that can be easily and clearly understood.

Which is where we come to the nub of this blog; using 21st Century tools to provide 21st Century business information for future looking businesses.

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