How To Get Financial Fact In Your Business

Every good business person knows you need to have a solid grip on your business finances. This is why you need to see financial fact ...

You need a level of information that means you can make not just decisions, but smarter decisions. What you need in your business is financial fact, not guesswork.

"Financial fact starts with accurate bookkeeping!"

However, before you think this means lots of hard work, this actually means hassle-free financial recording; it's bookkeeping using automated processes. Which means you become better at recording the ins and outs without spending lots of time and effort.

The time and effort you do spend is on making sure the record keeping is correct rather than doing the data-entry. Quite often, it has the added side effect of helping you to spend less time on the paperwork, so you can spend more time doing other things.

Once you have accurate record keeping, you need Management Reporting (financial reporting) that makes sense. Not a wall of numbers spread across multiple pages, but something that picks out the useful information from the mass of data within your businesses finances.

Everyone has heard about key performance indicators, (KPI's), and part of management reporting is identifying what those significant bits of information are so that you can concentrate on the important stuff.

Your finances are not the only really useful parts of management reporting. We can add in sales and marketing information, website and social media data, and even cashflow information. Information that gives you a fuller picture of your business.

"Because better quality information means better quality, or smarter, decisions!"

Which is when you get to financial fact. You have information at your fingertips that helps you to make a difference. Information that is current rather than months out of date and information that you can rely on. Information that is presented in a concise, easily understandable way.

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