The Best Gift A Great Accountant Can Give You Is Time!

One of the things that a great accountant will help you get back is time. Time to spend with your family? Or to just sit back and relax ...

So, ask yourself some simple questions. Over the last quarter:

We all know about work-life balance. If you run an SME business, you probably give the concept lots of thought, but don't really achieve it.

The issue is that Time is finite; it is how you use it that is important. Which is where a great accountant can help you, but you have to let them help you to do this!

You see, one of the things a great accountant will do is help you to look at your business and how you do what you do. And if you are happy for them to do so, then there are various things they can do to help you.

So, what are the top three things to think about in your business? And note that these are all tried and tested things that work. We have helped numerous business owners regain more time by asking these three questions:

  1. Are you spending time manually creating the entries in your accounting system?

    Firstly, we can help take away the laborious paperwork by doing it for you! Secondly, and probably more rewardingly, we can help you to automate the paperwork so that your computer does more for you.

  2. Do you spend ages chasing your customers to pay their bills?

    Firstly and Secondly, the same answers as before; we could do it for you, but it is often better to look at ways to automate this. Automation isn't a complete answer, but it will make a considerable difference to your debtor chasing workload.

    Quite often a better answer is to look at why your customers owe you money in the first place and find ways to resolve that. For example, If you take payment up front rather than in arrears, then you don't need to chase anyone for payment! Sometimes approaching a problem from the other side works and this is one way in which an accountant's perspective can make a difference to you.

  3. Do you feel that there is always too much month and not enough money?

    As great accountants, we always look at your profitability and can help you implement ways to earn more money. Does more money give you more time? Well no, by itself it doesn't, but more profits in your business and more money left in your business each month becomes an enabler to getting more time, and this certainly helps you to have less stress.

Of course, there are no 'one-size fits all' answers. The three things mentioned here may or may not affect you and your business; your issues may be very different. You really need me to help you review your business and work out how to make a difference for you.

If anything I've said here resonates with you and you'd like to find out more, call me on 01234 752 566 or leave a comment below and let's see how I can help you.