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Business Marketing: You Want Everybody To Love You, Right?

Well no, actually you don't ...


If you are trying to appeal to everybody with your business marketing, you end up being middle of the road; just a bit average! Marketing works best when you target a niche or particular sector ...

Your business marketing is going to work best when you know who your customers and clients are!

Your business marketing is going to work best when you know who your customers and clients are!

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If you get to resonate with the people you are targeting, hopefully, those people will think you are amazing at what you do, and they will beat a path to your business's door.

"Jack of all trades, master of none!"

It's an old saying and none the less, it is important in lots of ways, especially when it comes to marketing! If you think about it, marketing to everybody really means marketing to nobody.

If you are a car mechanic, you might want to target people with a car because a lot of people own a car! But that is just too wide a definition to be useful. Which means you need to be more specific. Refine that to people who drive a VW car which is more than 3 years old in your home town and you have something specific.

More importantly, you now have a target market that you can identify at networking events and you can even get a marketing list from a reputable data source or target on social media. You have a clearly identifiable target audience to aim for!

There are a few points that flow from this; 'who are you targeting' and 'might there be any negative consequences' are two important ones. Well, if some people are going to love you, then inevitably there will be others who will ignore you. Or, worse, they will dislike you.

If you are a politician then this is a really important point to bear in mind as you will definitely polarise opinion into love and hate, which will result in both positive and negative reactions and social media posts!

However, for most businesses, targeting your marketing simply leads to you being ignored by the people you aren't targeting, not to negative reactions. So, if you have several different sectors you are targeting, you need to have several different marketing campaigns and strategies.

"Different strategies that aim for different targets!"

Which leads back to the first question of 'who are you targeting?' Have you really defined your ideal customer? More importantly, can you describe your ideal customer in a way that can be linked to the available information so that you can identify how to market to them, through lists or social media? You might have several different products or services that appeal to several different markets, and thus have several categories of ideal customer.

"But you have to pick one at a time!"

If you are a start-up business, then you need to build this into your thinking right from the start and do research to identify who might be your ideal target. For an existing business, it is much simpler, as you have your customer records to data mine, which will then answer the really simple question of who are your best customers!

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