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Can The British Cycling Team Help You?

It's all about marginal gains ...


British Cycling has seen incredible success, most recently in the Rio Olympics, and Coach Dave Brailsford is widely credited with single-handedly transforming the success of British cycling ...

British Cycling has become world class by aggregating marginal gains!

British Cycling has become world class by aggregating marginal gains!

Taking us from never winning the Tour de France, to winning it three years in a row, moving us from mediocrity to topping the Olympic medal table three games in a row; it's probably the most dramatic sustained turnaround in the history of sport.

And Dave (or Sir David to give him his formal title) puts it all down to one very simple thing ... he calls it 'marginal gains' and as this brilliant 95 second YouTube video reveals, it also holds the key to making things better in so many other areas, including business:

And because of that, we have co-funded some powerful software that has been specifically designed to use the marginal gains approach to find new ways to improve your sales and profits dramatically.

So, if your accountant hasn't already helped you to benefit from marginal gains, we would love to assist you by doing so and show you how to use it to get much better results.

"How useful would that be to your business?"

Clearly, the first step in this is to work out what your goals are and where you are at the moment. Then you focus on tweaking things that will move you forward to your goals.

In the cycling world, they looked at everything, especially things that some people said couldn't be changed. They called on the knowledge of lots of different experts and worked on every aspect of what the cyclist did and how they did it.

Using our powerful software will help to do the same and make those all-important marginal gains. You'll move your business forward and achieve the success you want. We can work on that together, or you can use your copy to work on your own.

We think you will get more out of our software with our help and all you need to do to get started is call me on 01234 752 566 or click here to send me an email enquiry today!

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