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DIY Accounting Is Getting Easier!

But you'll still need some help ...


Accounting software is getting cheaper and easier. What makes it more doable is that the internet can offer you tutorials on everything from posting transactions to trial balances ...

DIY Accounting is getting easier but you'll still need some help!

DIY Accounting is getting easier but you'll still need some help!

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If you're a new entrepreneur, or simply fed up with your accountant, then doing it yourself might seem quite attractive. Your accountant may be suggesting you do a lot of it yourself, but why?

"Because technology is disruptive!"

According to research by the website, small businesses are becoming more receptive to the idea of internal accounting operations. In this sense, technology is disrupting the established order of things.

As an accountant myself, I want to help my clients take advantage of new technology for a couple of reasons:

  • Firstly, a modern cloud-based accounting package will make it easier for you, my client, to be better connected and more customer-centric. All of which is going to help you to develop your business processes.

    At the same time, it helps me, your accountant, to connect with you in more meaningful ways.

  • Secondly, modern software tools enable the automation of data entry tasks. No more typing of information and lots more automatic imports, electronic documents, and the software doing a lot more for you. All of which leads to more efficiency and allows you as the business owner to do more without spending money on your accountant.

    Equally, it enables me, as your accountant, to be doing the important stuff and not waste time on those manual data entry processes. Automation should also lead to greater accuracy and fewer errors, but only if you have set the automation systems up correctly!

  • Thirdly, automation that speeds the processing up means that we can move to real-time accounting and faster processing of data entry will lead to real-time reporting. Which can lead to more timely financial information and better decision making.

So there you have it; three great reasons to ask me about how to get more with cloud accounting software. Why ask your accountant to get involved with this?

  1. Setting up the automation isn't always straightforward. We find that lots of people need help with this.

  2. Transitioning from an old-fashioned software to a cloud accounting software can be traumatic if you don't get your accountant involved.

  3. Modern automation tools make real-time information possible, but this needs to be double checked and controlled. You can't abandon your accountant and just use the automation tools! You need to work with your accountant in different ways.

  4. You can now use your accountant for the things that will help make a difference to your business, rather than the adding up that the computer is now doing. If all you have ever used your accountant for is just adding up your accounts, now is the time to find out how much more use you can get out of a good accountant like me!

At JVCA, we provide help and support to set up and transition from one software to another, and then to make the most of the available information from your new cloud software.

"Would you like to know more?"

If you'd like to find out more about this then do give me a call on 01234 752 566 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how we can help you.

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I've been an accountant in and for business since 1987 and have a wide experience of consultancy, audit, accounts, taxation and wealth planning work from individuals and small businesses to multinational corporations and charities.

My eclectic interests in growing and developing business span a number of areas, which can be summarised as strategic business advice and tax saving advice.

I have worked with the Chamber of Commerce to deliver courses for people about starting up in business and have lectured about tax for a major accountancy practice and for Milton Keynes College.

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