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Do Women Make Better Business Owners?

Research says they do ...


There have been several studies over the last few years showing that yes, women do make better business owners! So what is it that helps women to be better leaders?

Do women make better business owners? Research says they do!

Do women make better business owners? Research says they do!

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A US survey showed that 40% of USA businesses have women at the helm whereas 55% of Chinese companies have a female leader. Only around 12 out of the 500 most prominent businesses are run by a female leader, which is a shame.

"A UK survey showed that women are more likely to start or grow a business successfully!"

Women are better at taking risks than men because they are often more realistic about the risks and dangers. But this doesn't make them less prepared to take risks, it makes sure they are better prepared when they do take on those risks.

Women have better Emotional Intelligence than men. They are generally more social, pick up on non-verbal clues and understand emotional situations. Relationships are important, whether they are with customers, suppliers or, the most important of all, with their team.

"Women are better at
building a team!"

Research by Barclay shows that women tend to re-invest profits for controlled, profitable growth rather than to look for faster growth and a quick exit. The survey came to the conclusion that women embrace entrepreneurship and value business longevity.

Women are better leaders because they are more likely to work towards steady growth whereas men try to position themselves for that lucrative exit. Women seem to nurture business rather than go for that quick buck.

Women tend to be better negotiators, mainly because they are happy to compromise. They value fairness and will look for win/win solutions. As opposed to looking for a way to beat the other side and make them lose.

If you are looking to start or develop your own business then the important point to note here is what can you learn, or what can you do to use this information in your business.

"Would you like to know more?"

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