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Do You Smile At Your Customers?

Lot's of people don't ...

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A couple of times over the past few weeks, I have been struck by how grumpy lots of different people are. People who are representing a business and therefore should be on top of their customer service ...

Why are so many different people grumpy with their customers? A smile would be nice!

Why are so many different people grumpy with their customers? A smile would be nice!

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How often do you visit a business somewhere and feel that your arrival is just seen as an interruption in whatever else the staff are doing? Or that really you are not wanted there?

For example, the hotel receptionist who was the opposite of welcoming. The shop assistant that was curt and angry rather than polite and helpful? The call centre you rang up who didn't want to give you answers to your questions? That person that never rings you back?

"And how does getting grumpy service make you feel?"

I stayed in the hotel I had booked, despite the grumpy receptionist because it was too late to go anywhere else. However, I went to a different shop when the shop assistant wasn't welcoming and helpful, but was curt and looked angry.

The opposite is always true. Good customer service always makes a huge difference. You remember the experience with the receptionist or waiter or shop assistant who made you feel good and was bright and cheerful. You remember the good service and want to go back there again.

Of course, this represents an opportunity as well as a problem. The problem is, what if your business has customer-facing staff that either don't know how to behave or simply don't care? What do you do to train, motivate and monitor your people? How often do you repeat that training, motivation and monitoring?

The opportunity is to be better than most other businesses. Let's face it, you only have to be better than everyone else, you don't have to be fantastic to succeed at customer service. So what are you going to do to be that bit better today than your business was yesterday?

Looking at your business and finding ways to be that bit better today than you were yesterday can be hard. How many people can look critically at themselves and their businesses?

If this is something that you need help with then maybe start with one of our 'First Impression Audits'. Our experienced First Impression auditor will check your business out in as many ways as we can and report back, so that you understand how your customers see your business.

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