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Have You Signed Up For Making Tax Digital Yet?

Or are you one of those businesses who are late?

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Making Tax Digital, HMRC's flagship programme to revolutionise tax reporting by taking it all online has been with us for some time ...

If you haven't signed up for Making Tax Digital yet, or haven't filed your first return then get in touch soon!

If you haven't signed up for Making Tax Digital yet, or haven't filed your first return then get in touch soon!

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It is being phased in bit by bit and the first phase, digital VAT returns, should now be in place with VAT returns due on 7th August, 7th September and 7th October 2019. But, statistics show that not everyone who should have signed up and has actually done so!"

"The numbers on Making Tax Digital for VAT
are pretty interesting!"

Over a million businesses had signed up by 7th August. However, at the time of the HMRC report, only around 80% of businesses due to file electronically had done so in August and 74% in September; they were anticipating only 60% to file electronically during October.

All of which means that a fair few businesses haven't signed up for Making Tax Digital and really need to! What is worse, of those who have signed up, around 6% haven't managed to file their returns on the new system!

Are you one of the businesses that haven't yet signed up for making tax digital yet? Are you one of the ones that have signed up, but not managed to use the new system?

If so do you need help to get that sorted? What's more we can make it easy and simple, so it's a lot less hassle than you think. JVCA can help you with advanced software apps that make it easy, and expert advice to make it all simple!

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