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How Brad Burton Can Help Your Business

It's all about time ...

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Last week I was at a conference and Brad Burton was a speaker. He was saying some interesting home truths and his key message was about time ...

Brad Burton's keynote speech at Xerocon 2019 contained a lot of really useful ideas!

Brad Burton's keynote speech at Xerocon 2019 contained a lot of really useful ideas!

copyright: brad burton / xerocon 2019

Brad reminded everyone present that they only had so many seconds available each day and that means you have to use the time effectively. That this is especially true of business owners.

"How can this help your business?"

The answer is partly that you need to reflect on what you do and what you might want to change or compromise, and partly to do things quicker. To make decisions faster and move on.

Making decisions is something that as an accountant we can help with, by giving you information about your business. Management information is a very necessary part of decision making and having good quality management information quickly and regularly means that you are better enabled to make good decisions.

And decisions are things that business owners make all the time. Big decisions, little decisions, important decisions, far-reaching decisions ...lots and lots of decisions. But that doesn't make business owners any better at making decisions. In fact, sometimes it makes them worse at this because they will sometimes take too long and use up too much headspace in the process.

One of Brad's points was to make a decision, or to acknowledge that by not making a decision, you were actually deciding the answer was no!

So the next time you are making a decision, follow Brad Burton's excellent advice. Either a) do it quickly, or b) sit back and think about it. But, if you are going to think about it, then do it positively, and after having thought about it for a while ... say a whole day ... realise that if you are still not making a decision to do something, that actually, you are making the decision to no do it! In which case, say no and move on.

Which will lead to faster decision making and be better for your business.

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