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How To Be Financially Empowered!

It doesn't have to be complicated or scary ...


Financial empowerment can help you achieve amazing things. A big part of it is knowledge; understanding what is going on and the consequences of your decisions ...

Becoming financially empowered doesn't have to be complicated or scary!

Becoming financially empowered doesn't have to be complicated or scary!

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Because knowledge is so essential you should get in touch with our experts. Our team is made up of people who really do know what they're talking about, but won't assume that you know your dividends from your drawings.

"Knowledge is the building block of financial empowerment!"

We're here to deliver clear, practical advice that will strengthen your lifelong relationship with money so you can earn more, spend smarter, invest well, and build a more secure future.

Financial empowerment is also about making money personal. But don't get hung up on it, after all, money is both a way of keeping count and a tool or facilitator. Money - in and of itself - isn't the goal, it's what money can help you to achieve that is the goal. All money really does is become the tool that allows you to have a better lifestyle, both for you and your family.

If you have a job, then financial empowerment is all about making the most of what you have and having a plan and a budget, then helping you to stick to it.

If you have a business, then financial empowerment adds a whole additional dimension to what you do. Mainly because you, as the business owner, have the responsibility of getting the business right or wrong; of achieving greatness or mediocrity.

For the business owner, financial empowerment starts with understanding your business in quite simple terms. For example, what profit you are making and what profit you would like to make (or should be making).

How much are your debtors and is that good or bad? What is your level of customer service and what can you do to improve this? How much do your staff really cost and should you employ someone or not?

"Would you like to know more?"

If you would like help in gaining an understanding of what being financially empowered means for you, either as an individual or a business, then do give me a call on 01234 752 566 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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More about Jonathan Vowles ...

I've been an accountant in and for business since 1987 and have a wide experience of consultancy, audit, accounts, taxation and wealth planning work from individuals and small businesses to multinational corporations and charities.

My eclectic interests in growing and developing business span a number of areas, which can be summarised as strategic business advice and tax saving advice.

I have worked with the Chamber of Commerce to deliver courses for people about starting up in business and have lectured about tax for a major accountancy practice and for Milton Keynes College.

I relax by reading fiction and by getting away from the office in a campervan.


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