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How To Explode Your Sales!

And improve profitability ...

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Every business has the potential to explode with growth and improve overall profitability, but how do you make that leap from an 'also-ran' business to a 'high-growth' business?

If you want to explode your sales, answer these questions!

If you want to explode your sales, answer these questions!

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One of the keys here is that business owners and managers are like great football coaches. If you run a business, then take stock of it by answering these 12 questions.

They will help identify where your business's real profit opportunities are hiding:

  1. Are we selling to enough new customers?

  2. Are we selling enough to our existing customers?

  3. Are our customers bragging about doing business with us?

  4. How can we boost the number of customers?

  5. How can we increase the value of each customer's transactions?

  6. What can we do to bring customers back more often?

  7. What internal conflicts have an adverse effect on quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction?

  8. What redundancies, duplications or delays occur within tasks?

  9. Do we have long-term, motivated, loyal employees?

  10. How can we raise the perceived value of our business's products or services so that customers will pay more?

  11. What do customers expect from our business, products or services?

  12. How can we improve the processes in each department and the business at large?

Just like any great football team, in your business, you should build a great team of people. But they need to have a game plan, execute it well and learn from past mistakes.

If you want to explode your sales then let's review them together! Give me a call on 01234 752 566 or click here to ping me an email and we can find the answers.

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