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Is Your Business In Danger Of Drowning?

Don't be like Bert ...


Bert was sitting in his comfy armchair reading his newspaper when the doorbell rang. It was a dark and dismal rainy day, and flood warnings had been issued ...

Don't be like Bert. If your business is in danger of drowning then ask for help!

Don't be like Bert. If your business is in danger of drowning then ask for help!

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His neighbour said, "We are being evacuated to the community centre." Bert replied, "No, it's all right. I believe that God will keep me safe, so I'm staying here."

"Well, the rain got worse and sure enough, the river burst its banks and the flood water started coming in under his kitchen door!"

Bert felt a bit cross, but he took his paper and went upstairs and sat in his bedroom reading. Suddenly, there was a knock on his window, and a couple of fireman in a boat said "Come on, we are here to evacuate you!' "No thanks" said Bert, leaning down to talk to them. "I believe in God, and he will keep me safe." So the fireman paddled off.

A few hours later, the rain was worse and the flood got higher. Now the stairwell was flooded and water started coming into his bedroom. Bert was looking out the window wondering when it would stop, and a whole tree floated down the street towards him.

There was a couple of people clinging to the branches, and they shouted to him to jump out and climb onto the tree with them. But Bert said, "No thanks, God will keep me safe", and watched as the tree went past and round the corner.

Well, the water continued to rise until his bed was afloat, so Bert climbed out the window and up onto his roof. He was sitting there holding onto the chimney pot when a helicopter hovered over him and said they would rescue him, but Bert said, "No thanks. God will keep me safe." yet again, so they flew off without him.

"The floodwaters rose higher and higher until Bert was drowned!"

A soggy and disgruntled Bert stood in front of St Peter complaining that God hadn't saved him even when he was such a strong believer! When St Peter said, "who do you think sent all those people around to your house to evacuate you? It's no good complaining if you don't think about what you're doing and don't accept help when it's offered!"

To put this in context for your business:

  1. If other people raise alarm bells about your situation, listen! And, of course, if your inner voice is the one raising alarm bells, then listen to yourself.

  2. Accept the help that is available and allow yourself to be helped. There are many places to go to get business help, starting with your accountant. The great thing about talking to your accountant is that they can probably help you themselves as well as signposting you to other forms of help.

  3. Think about what you are doing - which, in a business sense, means spending quality time thinking and planning about what your business should be doing. In other words working on your business not just working in your business.

  4. Spend some time every month learning more about business. Go on courses, read books, blog posts and articles. If you are waiting for someone to tell you how, you may be waiting a long time. So take steps to learn new things and expose yourself to new ideas.

Don't let yourself get comfy in your business and ignore the rising tide that threatens your business. It may flood in and drown you!

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