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Small Business Saturday Is The 2nd December 2017

Shop small and local ...


What are you doing for Small business Saturday? If you are a shopper, are you planning on shopping locally? If you are a local business, how will you celebrate Small Business Saturday?

Instead of heading to a superstore this Small Business Saturday, why not shop local?

Instead of heading to a superstore this Small Business Saturday, why not shop local?

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What is really important is that everyone celebrates Small Business Saturday. Importantly, make sure you do something on Small Business Saturday because small businesses are vital to Britain's economy and we should all want them to and help them to, succeed.

"Shop small and local!"

Small businesses are important for several reasons; after all, in the UK there are around 5½ million small businesses! Like all critical business sectors, the 'small' sector both deserves and expects your support. So on Small Business Saturday shop small and shop local.

Why are small businesses important? Together they account for 99.3% of all businesses in the UK and, at just under 16m employees, provide 60% of the UK's private sector employment. Big numbers!

Clearly this means that the health and well-being of this economic sector is vital. Obviously, there is the fundamental reason why we need small businesses: if you don't have businesses, then you don't have jobs. If you don't have jobs, then you don't have money!

"But small businesses are good for you and your town or region for other reasons!"

Small Businesses, and especially start-ups and growing small businesses, are the growth that fuels the British economy. Not only do they drive growth, but they create local jobs and encourage competition. Small businesses should be encouraged to flourish in your local area, bringing more choice, more jobs and thus more prosperity to your local region.

Stop buying stuff at the supermarket and go shopping at your local butcher, or baker. Go have a coffee in an independent coffee shop or buy a magazine in your local independent newsagents.

Why? Because local businesses are good for your house price. Research by American Express, amongst others, has shown that if you want your house to be worth more money you should stop driving to the nearest giant shopping centre or supermarket and instead head for your local high street and independent shops.

The research shows that towns with healthy high streets filled with independent shops like butchers, greengrocers, clothes shops, coffee shops, cafes and local markets can add £70,000 to the value of your house! Also, it's just nicer to have a thriving centre in your nearest small town.

TV Property Expert Kirsty Allsop said, "By shopping locally and supporting local traders, you are investing in your home as well as your high street."

"So, go out and shop
small and local!"

It will be good for the economy and good for the value of your house. And if you are looking to start a new local business, and need some advice, then get in touch with us on 01234 752 566 and let's see how we can help you.

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I've been an accountant in and for business since 1987 and have a wide experience of consultancy, audit, accounts, taxation and wealth planning work from individuals and small businesses to multinational corporations and charities.

My eclectic interests in growing and developing business span a number of areas, which can be summarised as strategic business advice and tax saving advice.

I have worked with the Chamber of Commerce to deliver courses for people about starting up in business and have lectured about tax for a major accountancy practice and for Milton Keynes College.

I relax by reading fiction and by getting away from the office in a campervan.


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