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Use Key Performance Indicators To Improve Your Business

What gets measured and tracked gets managed ...

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Getting performance management information and monitoring your Key Performance Indicators is essential in managing any business ...

Using Key Performance Indicators is a great way to improve your business!

Using Key Performance Indicators is a great way to improve your business!

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So, why does a recent survey show that only 27% of companies make use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Update your business reporting so that yours is one of those businesses that are succeeding because you are making better use of information in your business.

"It is a truism that what gets measured
and tracked gets managed!"

The act of regularly monitoring your business's key performance indicators is the first step in being able to manage them. Just being more aware of them will help you to improve your business. Moreover, the point of having KPIs is that you only choose the most important ones on which you focus.

So, if you want your business to have a better outcome, get better performance management reports. If you don't have performance management reporting, then get some. You might think that just because your business is stable that there is no need to create plans or to measure and report on your business performance. However, the evidence is incontrovertible ... better reporting leads to a better business.

Choosing things to measure is very important too. There are obvious things to measure, such as revenue, costs & profits, but also, there are less obvious KPIs, like non-financial data, that are important. Things that help you to predict if your business is moving in the right future.

For example, you might want to have:

  • Customer-focused items such as customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and speed of delivery

  • Marketing items, like social media engagement or web page views.

  • Talent management, like training and development, happiness and staff loyalty

  • Sales pipeline items, like the number of enquiries, speed of response and % conversion

Are you ready to improve your reporting?

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