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What Does My Dog Playing On A Beach Have To Do With Your Business?

Its a bit of a strange question, but bear with me ...

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Over the weekend I took my dog to the beach. We've been to the beach before and, so far, Chester the dog has enjoyed being there ...

Chester found a mentor at the beach whom he learned from and overcame his fears!

Chester found a mentor at the beach whom he learned from and overcame his fears!

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But he has never gone in the water. In fact, he has been a bit scared of the water and dances out of reach of the waves as they foam and bubble up the sand. This time, it was much the same.

We walked along the beach next to the waterline and he danced out of reach of the waves, sometimes daring to go in closer, only to anxiously step sideways or jump out of the way as a wavelet came further up the beach. In one sense it was comical to watch, but in another, it was a shame that he wasn't going in and enjoying the water.

"Then we met another dog; Bella the Labrador!"

Bella clearly loved going into the water and wanted nothing more than for someone, anyone, to throw a ball or even a stone into the waves for her to chase after. So, Bella's owner and I took turns throwing stones into the water for her to seek out. Bella was so keen that she got quite cross if I stopped throwing and had a rest.

It was then that something adorable happened. You see, watching Bella enjoy herself splashing about in the waves and swimming out and back again gave Chester an example to follow ... and he finally went into the water!

Ok, he didn't swim, but he went out deep enough that he might as well have! And having done it once, he spent the next 10 minutes chasing in and out of the water as Bella swam for stones. Chester conquered his anxiety of the waves by being shown what to do by a slightly older, more experienced and very enthusiastic dog!

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