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What Is Your Why?

The road to success ...


A really important question to ask yourself is, ''What is your why?'' You may wonder why something so simple is so important, and that in itself is a very good question. Let me explain ...

If you want to be successful, you need to know your why!

If you want to be successful, you need to know your why!

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Business is hard work in lots of ways. Sometimes it's the sheer slog of getting going, keeping going and just getting stuff done. Sometimes it's because you have to get to grips with red tape and bureaucracy. And sometimes it's hard work to deal with your customers and clients day in, day out.

"Your why is one of the things that will get you through this!"

When you love what you do, your love, your passion and your beliefs all help you to connect to it. This brings an increase in the energy you bring, your charisma intensifies and you end up feeling more fulfilled with what you are doing. This is what happens when your why is a true part of your business.

Your why is also an important part of your marketing. It will help form your core values, the things that distinguish you from your competitors. It will become part of the reason that customers love doing business with you.

Let's face it, every business has competitors, expressing your why as part of your communication and marketing will help you to connect with customers who like your particular why.

If your business has employees, then this will also affect your team and the reasons they want to work with you (or not). It will also influence how hard they work, in exactly the same way as it does for you, the business owner.

"So then ... what is your why?"

Why did you start in business? Or why are you thinking of starting? Part of this will come down to money because (obviously) one of the reasons for starting a business is to earn more money, but often that is a subsidiary reason to the more important and core reasons.

It might be that you just want to be the best cake maker in the world or to make a real difference in your community. There could be a hundred reasons you want to start a business for. That's all well and good, but still, what is your why?

Your why also helps in other ways. It should underpin your vision and your goals for your business. Lots of books are written about understanding yourself, and your why is a part of this.

If you don't know what you want, and why you want it, then knowing your why will help you to build a goal and have something to aim for. Your why is important to you and if you don't fully understand it then now is the time to rectify that.

Start to identify your why by writing down what you believe in. Now, how does that link to your business? What elements of what you believe in make your business your business?

And if you need help working on your business and understanding your why then do give me a call on 01234 752 566 or click here to drop me an email enquiry as I'd love to help.

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I've been an accountant in and for business since 1987 and have a wide experience of consultancy, audit, accounts, taxation and wealth planning work from individuals and small businesses to multinational corporations and charities.

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