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Why Aren't You Working Smarter Not Harder?

Here are a few ways to start ...


We’ve all heard the saying, 'working smarter not harder'. We all know we should be working smarter, but somehow we end up just working longer hours rather than being smarter ...

You need to be working smarter not harder, so here's my advice on how to do just that!

You need to be working smarter not harder, so here's my advice on how to do just that!

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Working out how to work smarter can be a challenge; after all, if you already knew how, you would be doing it already, wouldn’t you?

"The answer will be different for different people!"

And it also depends on what you are doing, or not doing, already. The keys to working smarter are systemisation, automation, delegation and sales & pricing.

A great beginning to working smarter is to look at your systems and process and make them better. Every business has loads of processes, after all, it’s how you do what you do.

Every part of your business, whether its sales, admin, finance, production or delivery, every part is made up of processes. Frequently there are processes within processes. You need to look at how your business does what it does and make it work better.

"So now you know, you can get on and sort it!"

Well, perhaps not. Just taking the time to document every process is going to take ages and lots of the systems you use are the simple ones that you can ignore to begin with.

There will, however, be glaring issues that do need addressing. What is your area of most significant challenge, or what is giving you the most grief at the moment? You should start there.

What else can you do to work smarter? Part of making your systems work better might be to automate them. Automation can, of itself, help you to work smarter. Can you free yourself or your team from drudgery by using a bit of IT or a clever app that will do something for you?

What about delegation? Do you do everything yourself or do you delegate work to other people, either inside the business or outsourced? If you are a one-man band, you can delegate to a virtual PA. If you already have a team, then review who does what and work out who should be doing what!

"The final point, on my list of working smarter, is sales and pricing!"

If you undercharge for what you do, then you won’t make enough money. Understanding your costs and knowing what you should be charging is essential anyway. But if you want to work smarter then you need to know how to get more money out of your customers, and this is probably done by achieving better value for them.

From a sales point of view, part of working smarter is finding ways to let your customers buy from you rather than working hard to sell to them. Lovely to say, sometimes hard to achieve!

Working smarter not harder isn’t simple, but hopefully, this has given you some ideas of what working smarter is really about and where you can start to look at what you do.

"Would you like to know more?"

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