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Why Your 'One Thing' Is Important!

It's not easy to be self aware ...


Most people I meet have loads of things to do, including myself! They have diaries filled with appointments, inboxes stuffed with emails and to do lists that feel like they are never ending. How do successful people succeed in their busy lives?

When you're really busy, doing just 'one thing' is really going to help you reduce your todo list!

When you're really busy, doing just 'one thing' is really going to help you reduce your todo list!

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The answer is pretty simple. As the ancient sage Confucius said, "the dog who chases two rabbits catches neither". The point is you can't successfully do two things simultaneously.

Ok, so you can probably drive and talk at the same time, but neither of these tasks will have your full attention! In business, it becomes even more important to focus on one thing in order to fully achieve it.

"Let me explain!"

Lots of people experience days when they feel they have not accomplished anything. Usually, this is because they started something, were interrupted and, consequently, never finished it.

If this resonates with you, then you can appreciate the frustration that results from not getting stuff done. But as a business person, you also have to bear in mind the frustration your customer feels if you don't get back to them quickly or complete their job on time (or a hundred other frustrating things). Gaining focus and achieving your 'one thing' is actually really important.

What does this all mean? Well, the surprisingly simple truth for your business is to focus on 'one thing'. Really focus on it; give it your full attention and concentration ... complete it and then choose the next thing to do. Then, as you tick things off your to do list, your success in getting stuff done is like a falling domino.

You get better and faster at completing your tasks because you spend less time flitting between several tasks and not actually concentrating on one thing!

Several business books have been written about this; one of them is called The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. In this book, the authors take this 'one thing' approach a bit further, and their core message is to find that key task ... "What is the one thing I can do such that, by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?". This is a simple question, but not an easy one to answer.

It provides both an overview and a laser focus on what you must do today to achieve your 'one thing'. The point of asking this question is to propel you to go beyond simple tasks on your to-do list. By finding the answer to this question, you will identify what your most important task is; that 'first domino' that will make everything else fall into place.

"Of course, if it was really simple, everyone would be doing it!"

It's not easy to be self aware and analytical where your own business is concerned. Most people need help in finding their 'one thing' so if you would like some help with that for your business, call me on 01234 752 566 or click here to ping over an email and let's see how I can help you.

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